Product Features

  • Reaching the ultimate in cleanliness is the goal of this product and also a key function within it. This innovative design quietly and discreetly (out of view) cleans the nozzles before and after each use.


  • Another popular feature of the Aisin shower toilet is the two-function flow of warm water which bathes from front to back. The shower function cleanses the back region with a gentle pressure that can be adjusted to your preference. The bidet function cleans the front region and also features an adjustable pressure setting.

  • Make the dreaded cold toilet seat a thing of the past. You’ll love the warmth of Aisin’s shower toilet seat – a favorite detail among users. Seat temperature is adjustable to accommodate user preference.

  • Like a gentle breeze, the soothing air dry function has a customizable temperature option for ultimate comfort.


  • This Aisin shower toilet is equipped with an Auto Deodorizer to help eliminate odors.


  • No more waking up in the middle of the night to slamming porcelain or clapping plastic. The self-closing lid on the Shower Toilet lowers slowly and quietly to avoid the dreaded slamming that is common with standard toilet seats. This feature also prevents injury to fingers of “toileteers” in training.