As noted in the illustrations below, installing the Aisin shower toilet seat is surprisingly easy.  Even if you are not a home improvement expert, this seat can be installed in as little as 30-45 minutes.  Keep in mind that the directions below are merely an overview of the installation process, and are not complete instructions.  Please follow the detailed instructions that come with your shower toilet seat, or download complete instructions via our installation manual.



1. Remove

The first step in installation is removing your existing toilet seat.  Follow the removal instructions for your particular seat make and model, and then clean the toilet base in preparation for installation of the new shower toilet.


2. Connect

After you close the toilet water shutoff valve, flush the toilet to empty the tank.  Loosen and remove the coupling nut that connects to the tank. Install the new junction valve and other parts and connect them to the water inlet.  Connect the tank water supply hose to the water source.



3. Place

After you connect the water supply socket to the seat, place the seat onto the toilet base and follow the instructions to screw and lock it into place.


4. Clip and Plug

Plug the water supply tube to the junction valve and clip it into place.  Plug the electrical cord into the socket.  Prior to full use, please test each function (Shower, Bidet, Dryer) individually.  For the Shower and Bidet function, please prepare to block or catch water with your hand or a towel.  (Note that during first time use it may take 1–2 minutes to fill the water tank inside of the unit and to start spraying water.)