Q1: What is a Shower Toilet?

A Shower Toilet is an electric toilet seat with integrated bidet and other functions such as a warm air dryer.  Because it is an electric toilet seat, it can be heated which is a great function in cold regions.


Q2: How do you use it?

It is just like a regular toilet seat.  After you are seated, press the “WASH” button for posterior wash, “BIDET” for bidet wash, and “DRYER” for warm air drying.  To stop the operation, just press the “STOP” button.  


Q3: Why should I use it?

Shower toilets are becoming more and more mainstream, as consumers seek new ways to achieve the ultimate in daily hygiene while also being conscious of the environment. Though it is not considered medical equipment, shower toilets are useful for those with a variety of medical and health concerns, including easing hemorrhoid and constipation symptoms. Shower toilets are also a great solution for aiding in childbirth recovery. It is important to remember that the shower toilet was created for hygiene and is not solely intended to treat medical concerns, so please talk to your doctor prior to use.


Q4: Will it fit on my toilet?

The Aisin Shower Toilet, model AS-300 will best fit most of the elongated type toilets on the US market as long as it has a water tank and flat surface.  The Shower Toilet is functional on round seats, however the toilet base will be visible. Please click here for more information and dimensions.


Q5: Can I install the shower toilet by myself?

Yes! We have a step by step instruction manual that comes with your shower toilet. It is easy to install and even an amateur can install it in under an hour. Please click here for the step by step instruction manual.


 Q6: I don’t have an outlet nearby my toilet.  What should I do?

It is recommended that you install an electrical outlet near your toilet. This can be affordably done with a licensed electrician. The shower toilet comes with an electric cord that is approximately 1m (3 ft.) long.  It is ideal to have an electric outlet behind the toilet.  When you install a new outlet, please make sure to use a GFCI outlet.

If you do decide to use an extension cord, please make sure to use a GFCI extension cord (with a 3-prong grounding plug)


Q7: What’s required for maintenance?

No special maintenance is needed on the AS-300 but we recommend cleaning the nozzles and nozzle area once every 2 weeks to 1 month.  This helps to ensure the maximum cleanliness and prolong the life of the Shower Toilet.  No other special maintenance is required for the AS-300 except regular cleaning of overall unit.


Q8: Can I purchase parts if needed?

Yes, replacement parts are available for purchase.  Please contact customer service toll free at 844-582-LIFE (5433) or


Q9: Return Policy

Because it is a sanitary product, once product box is opened, no returns will be accepted.  Please make sure to measure the dimensions of your toilet prior to purchase.


Q10: How do I get a coupon code?

Please contact our customer service toll free at 844-582-LIFE (5433) or email us at to find out if you are eligible to recieve a coupon code. Since we are an automotive supplier, we offer some coupon codes to our automotive related partner companies, but we are sure we can find a coupon code for anyone. Just contact us to find out!